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Universal Ignition Controls
Robertshaw: provides lockout and complete gas shut off if ignition is not proven Honeywell: includes remote reset; use in systems with combination ignition sensor or separate igniter sensor

Hot Surface Igniters
Norton Hot Surface Furnace Igniters: replace 17 or 40 second igniters; available with terminal blocks or wire nuts
Gemline: double helix design provides greater ignition area for smoother burner ignition

Electric Heat
WHITE-RODGERS Electric Heat Sequencers: versatile control of all types of electric heat Electric Heater Service Coil Kits: standard kit contains a close wound coil with attached terminal bushings and necessary hardware

Fan and Heat Sequencers
White-Rodgers Electric Heat Sequencers: a direct replacement for wiring both fan and heat Honeywell: one control switches a fan and up to 3 elements on and off in sequence

Control Relays: replaces type 129000 magnetic line relays
Fan Relays and Heavy Duty Fan Relays: type 184; 5 and 6 terminal 2-pole Relays: 8 terminal

Fan Centers and Transformers
White-Rodgers Fan Centers: combination transformer and relay package on a common plate Jard Magnetics Transformers: class 2 for heating, air conditioning and industrial control applications MA-Line Control Transformers: wire lead and terminal connection models

Copper Tubing and Brushes
Copper Refrigeration Tubing: seamless, annealed, dehydrated with sealed ends M/R brushes: for acid, solder paste, flux and adhesive application

Soldering and Brazing Alloys
Harris Phos/Copper Alloys: for copper and brass
Stay-Silv 15: the industry standard for air conditioning and refrigeration applications Stay-Clean Liquid Flux: for use with nearly all metals

Wrot Copper Solder Fittings
AC and Refrigeration Fittings: couplings, tees, 45 and 90 degree ells and street ells, copper tube straps, caps and p traps

Flare Fittings
Forged Flare Nuts, Reducing Nuts, Caps, Plugs, Half Unions, Full Unions, Reducing Unions, Elbows and Tees

Tubing and Compression Fittings
Aluminum Tubing, Unions, Half Unions, Reducing Unions, Compression Nuts and Sleeves, Rod Flare Nuts, Tees, Elbows and Pilot Line Nuts

Condensate Pumps and Pan Accessories
Hartell Pumps: designed to remove wastewater and engineered for long life
Plastic Condensate Pans: rolled edges and ribbed bottom; no seams, no rust Clear Vinyl Tubing: MA-Line clear non-toxic PVC tubing Nylon Fittings: Tees, Elbows and Adapters in multiple sizes

Humidifier Accessories
Wicking Filters and Pads: Bemis, Bionaire, Duracraft, Emerson, Holmes, Toastmaster and Windmere
Air and Odor Filters: Bionaire, Bemis, Enviracare, Holmes and Pollenex Humidibelts: Emerson, Presto, Sunbeam and Bemis/West Bend Furnace Humidifier Plates: Aprilaire, Humidimatic, LAU and Space Gard

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