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Leak Detectors
Bird Dog Leak Detector: formulated to locate even the smallest of leaks, formula suspends dirt so the particle swill not reduce it sensitivity Bubbles Leak Detector: accurately locate leaks by refrigerants, propane, butane, natural gas, ammonia, compressed air, or pressured gas (except oxygen)

Heat Blocks
Cool Zone: heat-dissipating spray, liquid fiber solution slows heat transfer, evaporates-no clean up Cool Zone Plus: super sensitive leak detector, heat sink, flame retardant H.E.A.T.: specially formulated for revealing cracked heat exchangers in gas fired furnaces, non-flammable and environmentally safe
Rector Shield Thermal Absorption Compound: reduces heat transfer while soldering or brazing, does not dry out, split or separate, odorless, non-staining

Aerosols and Sprayers
VAPCO: from contact point cleaner to Wasp-a-Way, a complete line of aerosols VAPCO Sprayers: gallon to 3-gallon tank sprayers, 1 qt. and 1 pt. trigger bottle sprayers

Epoxies and Adhesives
Sealing Compounds: cords and slugs seal out water, dust and air around tube entries, latch plates and room coolers, non-staining, non-hardening, may be painted over immediately
Hysol Epoxi-Patch Kit: bond, seal and repair most substrates, bonds to itself and dissimilar substrates, inexpensive, use to mix and use Epoxi Putty Wet or Dry Fast Cure: initial set is 10-15 minutes, cures in 1 hour, mixes like clay, hardens like steel Evaporator Repair Kit: sets in 7-20 minutes, repairs leaks on all aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel evaporators and condensers VAPCO Great White Water Based Adhesive: applied as dense foam, produces sufficient wet strength allowing insulation to be set in place immediately
VAPCO Mean Green Solvent Based Adhesive: nonflammable, specially formulate for quick tack and strong bonds, low soak-in 3M Industrial Adhesive: excellent multi-purpose adhesive dries quickly and develops strong flexible bonds 3M Rubber Adhesive: develops high immediate strength with excellent heat resistance Silicone Adhesive: for bonding sealing and gasketing, adheres to almost any surface
Good Year Pliobond: "bonds anything to anything", flexible and fast drying, great for home use Super Glue

Caulk and Sealants
3M Industrial Sealant: synthetic rubber sealer for metal and other surfaces that dries to a flexible water and fuel resistant film Rainchek: permanently seals hidden leaks in tar, gravelHome appliance maintenance and repair, caulk and sealants and rubber roofs caused by repairs or installations Air Lock 181: waster-based duct sealant/mastic for use in low or high pressure systems, use with or without woven fabric tape Silicone Caulk: waterproofs, weatherproofs, permanently flexible Expanding Polyurethane Foam Sealant: expands to fill the gap or hole creating durable airtight seal that will minimize air infiltration, outdoor noise, pest infiltration, and transfer of odors

Click the links below to look at a selection of the large range maintenance products we offer.

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